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We are an agricultural science led company that partners with motivated organisations and primary industries to find sustainable pathways for our food and fibre systems.

Integrity Ag is a team of agricultural research consultants and analysts, working with both big and small agricultural companies across Australia and around the world, to improve your environmental impact.

We are dedicated to researching sustainable agricultural methods and developing environmental management tools to analyse your emissions and implement sustainable farming and production practices. If your company wants to increase production and quality while decreasing your environmental impact, Integrity Ag can help.

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Full-Cycle Carbon Services

We cover every part of your carbon journey, from initial investigations through to audit or market disclosures.

Carbon management in agri-food and fibre systems is more complex than in other parts of the economy, and some opportunities and risks need to be considered over the long term.  Full cycle means we are involved in every aspect of carbon, in every aspect of your business. We work for your needs, not our own. We can deliver the best integrated outcomes for production and decarbonisation using world-leading research and methods.

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Nature Disclosures and Environmental Assessment

Let us guide you through measuring and interpreting environmental impacts and improvements.

Agri-food and fibre systems are intertwined with nature. Best practice management minimises environmental impacts and enhances the asset base. From water quality to soil health, land condition to biodiversity, we can help you establish and report against an assessment framework to meet business, customer and investor needs.

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Natural Capital and Carbon Markets

Let us work with you to harness opportunities from your natural assets.

We believe in supporting landholders to develop natural assets and receive the rewards. Whether your interest is to build an asset base of carbon credits or develop an integrated carbon and biodiversity project, we can provide the technical expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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Environmental Regulation

Partnering with you through the development and management cycle.

We can help you develop and manage your site for sound environmental outcomes and regulatory compliance. From selecting and establishing the site, developing the best management and monitoring approach, tracking this year-by-year, and advising on best practices, we’re here to support you over the long-term.

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Action, Advisory and Practice Change

Across all your environmental needs, we work with businesses and supply chains to deliver real and permanent improvement.

Practice change starts with the right knowledge and trusted advisors. We do this because we care, about agriculture, the environment, and the productivity and success of our client’s core business. It starts with knowing agriculture through and through. Our advisory staff are agricultural managers and world leading experts in environment, with decades of experience. We share our knowledge, empowering our clients to make better decisions.

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Research and Method Development

Innovation to deliver the solutions to tomorrow’s needs.

Core to our company identity is our unique dual focus – providing the highest quality consultancy and ground-breaking research in our fields of competence. You can understand our fields of competence more clearly by viewing our scientific publications and projects below.

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Combining science, strategy, and technology in partnership with motivated leaders, organisations, and industries to reimagine sustainability for positive impact.

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