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We are an agricultural science led company that partners with motivated organisations and primary industries to find sustainable pathways for our food and fibre systems.

Let us work with you to harness opportunities from your natural assets.

We believe in supporting landholders to develop natural assets and receive the rewards. Whether your interest is to build an asset base of carbon credits or develop an integrated carbon and biodiversity project, we can provide the technical expertise to deliver.

We have specialist staff with expertise in a broad range of ACCU scheme methods. Our approach is to work with you to accurately assess your opportunities and provide expert advice on integrating this into your production system. We deliver fee-for-service expertise, so the value of your credits stays where it belongs; with your business!

Our offering is fee-for-service. Always has been, always will be. The full opportunity and returns remain with you.

Key service offerings include:

  • Screening for environmental market opportunities: Don’t know where to start? We can screen your assets and identify what opportunities could be harnessed. In acquisition phase, this can deliver considerable value.
  • Pre-Feasibility and Full Feasibility Studies: Environmental markets are challenging and involve long-term decisions that touch many points in your business. After screening, we step you through feasibility to understand the opportunity and obligations of a long-term project.
  • Property planning: Property planning is the missing piece in most carbon farming and biodiversity project discussions. We believe in maintaining agricultural assets for long-term productivity and land value, and this takes careful planning. The returns from environmental markets can be very large, but there are trade-offs and obligations. We step you through the opportunity and the trade-offs, including livestock carrying capacity implications, and possible land value implications. We don’t get a bigger payment if you develop a bigger project; our objective is to deliver the best service for your business in the long-term.
  • ACCU Scheme carbon credit project development and long-term management: We can deliver all the requirements to register your project. Once a project is registered, we handle all compliance including stratification plans, baseline measurement in soils and application of measure and model approaches. We advise you long-term on how to manage the project to maximise the potential. We can register projects in Soils, Vegetation, Savanna Burning and Beef Herd Management.
  • We develop and accredit carbon insetting programs under the emerging standards in this space: Insetting is an emerging field and a key priority for the sectors we service. We are at the forefront of verified insetting. We have developed the Australian Government’s first insetting guideline to verify tree planting, with more guidelines planned. Contact us to learn more about this exciting and evolving space.

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Combining science, strategy, and technology in partnership with motivated leaders, organisations, and industries to reimagine sustainability for positive impact.

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