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We are an agricultural science led company that partners with motivated organisations and primary industries to find sustainable pathways for our food and fibre systems.

Integrity Ag is committed to supporting agriculture and landholders access carbon and biodiversity markets, as we believe diversified income streams which reward producers for best practice environmental management are key to the future of both agriculture and the environment.

We have specialist staff with expertise in a broad range of Emission Reduction Fund (ERF) methods, as well as a deep understanding of biodiversity market’s including the NW Biodiversity Offset Scheme. Our approach is to work with you to accurately assess your opportunities and provide expert advice on
integrating this into your production systems.

We also provide advisory services to support NW development projects navigate their offset obligations. Our services include:

  1. Biodiversity & Carbon farm planning including carbon accounts,
  2. Feasibility studies,
  3. ERF project development services (carbon credits)
  4. Biodiversity offset scheme advisory services supporting projects with offset obligations (NSW).

We operate as fee-for-service advisors to support producers to register and manage their own projects, after conducting thorough due diligence to understand the opportunities and risks.

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Combining science, strategy, and technology in partnership with motivated leaders, organisations, and industries to reimagine sustainability for positive impact.

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